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Cool Springs Family Medicine is a medical practice located in Franklin, Tennessee. They describe their mission as focused on preventing one getting sick as much as treating the sickness itself. Aside from guiding the patient through the healing process, the physicians at the practice will talk to the patient and discuss ways to help stay healthy. The practice also offers hints on hoCool Springs Family Medicinew to strengthen one’s organism against diseases, boost its fight with an ailment, and aid it in removing various toxins from the system. Like many other family practices, Cool Springs Family Medicine exercises the holistic approach, which is mainly revealed in how they pay attention to the patient’s family and the patient’s overall health in relation to the particular sickness that the person reports. The physicians there will try to get to the bottom of the problem instead of just relieving the symptoms.


There are two practitioners working at Cool Springs Family Medicine – Dr. Daniel Kalb and Dr. Lisa Kla. Dr. Kalb started the business in 2006, though his experience in community and family medicine reaches back to the late ‘90s. He received his degree from the Stony Brook University and went on to train at the Shadyside Hospital in Pittsburgh. He also received a Master’s in Public Health at the University of Texas in Houston. Along with his career as a physician, Dr. Kalb also teaches at several locations.

Dr. Kla has been with Cool Springs Family Medicine since 2013. As a girl she set off to be a ballet dancer, then studied Dance and Kinesiology, later to attend medical school at the University of Maryland. She spent her residency at the National Naval Medical Center, completing Pediatrics and becoming a Navy physician for several assignments. Dr. Kla is a registered yoga teacher, this contributing to her practice at her current workplace.

The practice employs two nurse practitioners, Sam Mulder and Brittany Estrada Anderson. Their medical aesthetician is Teri Lewis.



Healing properties of different scents are used at Cool Springs Family Medicine to relieve a plethora of conditions such as anxiety, back pain, bruises and burns, allergies, bacterial infection, digestive problems, insomnia, and many more.

Colon Hydrotherapy

This method is supposed to remove toxins from the colon by means of injecting water through the rectum, sometimes with an addition of herbs or other fluids.


In a detox, clearing the body from toxins is achieved through a dietary program, exercise and the use of probiotics, as well as the advice of a nutritionist. Most programs last at least two weeks.

Healthy Living

Holistic approach applied by confronting the patient about his lifestyle and the general areas that influence their bodily welfare. Includes the person’s diet, their living conditions, the bacteria, fungi and parasites they might come in contact with, and how they go through life on the emotional level.

Hormone Therapy

Focuses on determining whether there is an hormone imbalance in the patient’s body. Since hormones control various bodily functions, keeping them in good order is essential to personal wellbeing.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

This therapy employs a pressure chamber into which 100% oxygen is delivered. The patient staying in this environment may experience improvement in disorders like Alzheimer’s, migraines, chronic pain, autism, stroke, and sports injury.


Cool Springs Family Medicine provides extensive pediatric care, offering natural solutions to common health problems that kids suffer from.


Wellness is based on understanding the uniqueness of one’s body and its responses to the environment. It takes into account that any two people are likely to respond differently when placed in the same living conditions.

Medical Aesthetics

This specialty will soon be available at the practice, starting October 20, 2014.

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